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The "EasyEnglish Translation" group has made this *website. People in this group translate books into English that is easy to read. The group is part of a group called "MissionAssist". MissionAssist is another name for the "Wycliffe Associates (UK) Trust". This is a registered charity in the United Kingdom (UK). (The government of the United Kingdom accepts that MissionAssist is a group of *volunteers who want to help other people.)

EasyEnglish Books

You may want more information about MissionAssist. Or you may want to help the work of MissionAssist, which manages the "EasyEnglish Translation" group. If you do so, please *click here.

What is the purpose of this EasyEnglish Books *website? Well, we have developed a simpler kind of English. This simple English is for people whose first ("heart") language is not English. Our purpose is to help these people.

EasyEnglish is a type of normal English. However, it uses only some parts of normal English. And it is a language system that has distinct rules. Our rules control the vocabulary that we may use. In addition, the rules allow only simple forms of grammar. This helps us to express complex ideas in simpler words and sentences. In addition, the rules help us to make clear how various parts of the sentence or paragraph relate to each other in a sensible way. There are two levels (types) of Easy English.

  • In level A, we use a vocabulary of only 1,200 words. Level A is for people who have learned English as a second language. It is for people who can manage in normal social and work situations.
  • In level B, we use approximately 2,800 words. Level B is for people who have a greater knowledge of English ("Intermediate level").

We wanted to translate the Bible into an easy form of English. This was our primary purpose in the development of Easy English. You can find the results of this work at our main *website.

We have created this EasyEnglish Books *website so that we can offer to you other books in EasyEnglish. We have only a few books now. However, the number of available books is increasing all the time. Please *click on *Downloads for details of the books that are ready now. Please notice that all of our books are in a special form. This form is called Adobe's "Portable Document Format". (Portable documents are ones that you can use on all computers). You can get Adobe's "reader" free on the *internet. *Click here for more details.

*Click here to see the word list. This list gives you the meaning of words that have a star beside them.